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Access our private Slack community to connect with NSB Radio listeners, DJs, producers and other music enthusiasts.

Talk to NSB DJs, get track IDs, join our dedicated production and DJing channels, and just chat with a bunch of sound people!

Using the chat room is easy - use your browser, or download apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android.

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The NSB chat community has existed for over 15 years in one form or another - creating friends, collaborations and relationships along the way.

Why you should join:

  • A private chat community. No bots reading your messages, no public access or prying eyes, no targeted adverts.
  • Talk breaks, music, production, DJing, share your favourite tunes, chat shit, post GIFs, whatever you want.
  • Contact all NSB DJs, send private messages to any other member.
  • No advertising - no tracking, no banners, no jingles. You are not the product!
  • No chat history - whatever you say is not saved, recorded or kept.
  • Be whoever you want to be - we do not enforce real name policy.
  • No dick, pricks or tricks. Every member is approved so we don't get any spammers or knobs.
  • Support and escalation to NSB management if there are any problems.

Sound good? Course it does! And that's why 688 people have joined us so far!

Join NSB Chat

Apply for free access to NSB Chat (requires manual approval)

Free accounts are limited. We manually check all applications - this can take some time (up to 7 days). If you want instant access to NSB chat, please donate above.

Manual approval can take up to 7 days to process. Once approved by our team, you will receive an email invitation from If you haven't had an invite in 7 days, make sure to check your spam folder.

Help with NSB Chat

NSB uses Slack as its chat room platform. This is a commercial chat program that allows for instant chatting over multiple devices.

Get Slack apps to access NSB chat anywhere

Slack has a great, fully-featured web app that you can use on any computer, native Mac, Linux and Windows apps, and iOS and Android apps. Preferences, conversations, and what you’ve read are synced across devices.

Once you have the software installed - join the workspace "nsbradio" and then enter your email and password to login.

I can't remember if I am a member or if I got an invite?

To login to the NSB Chat you need to have gotten an invite sent to your email and then signed up. Search your email for "slack invite" to find the invite. If you've never got one, sign up above. The NSB Chat sign up process is completely different to the NSB Forum and (the now defunct) NSB IRC chat.

I am pretty sure I signed up but have forgotten my login

Try and login to our Slack channel here. If you have forgotten your details, you can get Slack to email you a special login link by choosing "Get help signing in".

NSB Radio Slack says it doesnt recognise my details?

If you've used Slack before, you need to sign up for the NSB team seperately. Each team within Slack has its own unique login and password.

If you've donated and you're not sure what to do - check your emails for an invite from us. Click on that, set a password, and you should be auto-logged in.

If you are having trouble accessing our chat room you can search the Slack help center. Want some advance tips? There's an article about Slack tricks.

I've previously setup a donation but want to cancel.

Please open a support ticket with us including the email address that (our payment processor) sends emails to you from. Please let us know if you want to cancel immediately, at the next billing cycle or other. Thanks for supporting NSB!

Still need help? For any other questions please open a support ticket.